5 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Moving House to Richmond upon Thames

Moving house can be an expensive and stressful job. The average cost of man and van has increased by almost 60% over the last ten years. According to a recent research, the average cost of man with a van services is £1,034. This of course depends on many factors such as your location, the distance to your new home in Richmond upon Thames, the amount of items you will take with you and the services you will use. The removal process also includes conveyancing costs and estate agency fees and if you have to do some small repairs in your home all this adds up and the final bill can run into the thousands. Here are 5 ways to keep Richmond upon Thames man and van hire cost down and experience a hassle-free move.


Reduce the amount of items you will move


The most efficient way to reduce your expenses is to lower the amount of items you will relocate to your new home. Go through your belongings and sort them. Determine the items you will be moving and make a moving checklist. Take only the items you will need in your new home. Get rid of broken and useless items such as old clothes, shoes and toys, small furniture and outdated appliances. If you get rid of them before the home removal you could save yourself hundreds of pounds. If some of your possessions can be recycled then transport them to the nearest recycling centre and dispose of them in the eco-friendly way. You will be required to pay a small fee and this is cheaper compared to man with a van services prices. Another way to get rid of them is to donate them to a charitable organisation in Richmond upon Thames. If all of your possessions are in good condition you should donate them all.


Organise a garage sale


If you want to make money you should organise a garage or yard sale and get rid of your unwanted possessions. It will take you a day or two to organise it but it will be worth it. Many of your neighbours and friends will visit the sale and buy a thing or two. You can invest part of your profit in the Richmond upon Thames man with a van service which will reduce your expenses.


Get used removal boxes


Instead of buying new removal boxes and packing supplies you can get second-hand boxes and packing supplies. There are many websites that offer such products. You just need to do a research and get your cheap packing materials. You can go to the local grocery store in Richmond upon Thames and ask them if they have cardboard boxes you can take and use for your move. You can also use items that you have in your home as packing material. You can use newspapers instead of bubble wrap, old bed sheets and towels can be used as protective padding; newspapers can be used as space fillers inside the boxes.


Pack your possessions on your own


If you want to save money on man and van you should pack some of your possessions on your own. Keep in mind that this can be a long and time-consuming process. It can take you weeks to pack your whole house that is why it is advisable to pack only a part of your possessions. Packing some of your possessions on your own can significantly reduce your removal costs. Hire a man with a van company and ask them to pack only the items you cannot handle on your own.


Hire a low-cost man and van company


Man with a van services prices are also an important factor when it comes to expenses. You should hire an affordable man and van company as the more expensive services can cost you an arm and a leg. Choose a company in Richmond upon Thames that offers low-cost removal service and can meet your removals requirements. Compare the prices before hiring movers to avoid costly mistakes. Hiring a cheap man with a van service requires planning and research so be ready to invest some time in these. If you choose the right man and van firm you will experience a hassle-free and pleasant house removal.

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