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Across the UK, pollution from food waste is growing and new ways to make its disposal efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly are continually being sought. Millions of tonnes go to waste every year and for food manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurants the problem of disposing of it is becoming tougher.

The Landfill Directive requires companies to meet stringent targets for the reduction of the amount of biodegradable and food waste going to landfill by 2020. Furthermore, this waste is subject to Landfill Tax, which will progressively encourage diversion away from landfill. As the number of landfill sites decline and costs increase, more food and biodegradable waste will need to find alternative disposal or recovery routes.

A real ‘green’ alternative to the problem is anaerobic digestion (AD) which offers not only a value for money waste processing solution, but also prevents pollution, creating both renewable electricity and an odourless organic fertiliser. Food waste is recycled and no longer goes to landfill or for resource depleting incineration.

Most types of food and green waste can be taken away, treated and disposed of in the one-stop, no-hassle process. With F & R Cawley handling all the collection process4es, disposal could not be simpler.

In fact the whole process, from collection, through de-packaging, pasteurisation, fermentation and the production of electricity and an organic fertiliser is at a price that compares favourably with traditional landfill and incineration. Working together we can solve the worries of food waste, food odour and de-packaging while offering the assurance that food destined for disposal, is taken away for good and not returned to market

The new Biogas system enables companies using it to comply with the Government’s BS14001 environmental standard.

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