• Used for low volumes of lightweight waste
  • Regular scheduled collections
  • Four different sizes of carts

Wheeled bins are widely used in both trade and commercial environments, for lower volumes of lightweight compactable waste. Bins range from 240 litres to 1100 litres in size and are ideal for restaurants, shops and small businesses or premises where space and access is limited. The cart system is based on regular scheduled collections.

The 1100 litre Eurocart is the most commonly used bin in a commercial situation and is made of heavy duty plastic, which is strong, lightweight and durable. With it’s own built-in wheels it is easy to manoeuvre, even when the cart is full. 1100 litre and 660 litre containers come with a drainage plug in the base, which makes cleaning easy, and two foot-operated wheel brakes make for safe parking on slopes.

Also available:

Drop-fronted 1100 litre carts, for on site storage of items, which can be used in conjunction with the office recycling scheme.


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Dimensions 1100 ltr 660ltr 360ltr 240ltr
Height 1350/1470mm 1170mm 1070mm 1070mm
Width 1360mm 1360mm 620mm 580mm
Depth 1080mm 770mm 860mm 740mm
Max. Weight Limit 85kg 85kg 30kg 30kg

All carts are resistant to heat, low temperatures and chemical action.

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