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Our customer base is very varied, ranging from builders and construction companies with skips and rollon rolloff containers to small retail outlets with one eurocart to large industrial and commercial sites with a variety of containers, compactors and balers. You can be sure that we will have a suitable solution for your waste whatever it may be, no matter how small or large the quantity. Recycling solutions are available for all from the smallest office to the largest multi site operation.

Case Study 1:

A large logistics company was concerned that they were not dealing with their waste in the most cost effective and efficient manner. After a full site audit F&R Cawley were able to offer a solution that enabled the company to cut its waste costs significantly. This has been achieved by installing baling machines on all sites to deal with the large amounts of cardboard arising whilst compactors are used to deal with the general waste and other packaging materials remembering that each load is sorted via our Materials Reclamation Facility. We also provide labour to deal with waste on site to ensure that containers are emptied regularly but only when full to avoid incurring unnecessary transport costs.

Case Study 2:

A large construction company came to us wanting to increase levels of recycling on their sites and to decrease their costs. We were able to offer a solution that meets both these criteria whilst remaining quick and easy for employees to use. Rear End Loader containers are provided on each site for disposal of packaging waste, small offcuts of wood and any general rubbish. The company has a policy of re-using as much building material as possible so no conventional skips are supplied to sites until the end of a job when any heavy material needs to be disposed of. For sites generating large quantities of soft wood waste we provide dedicated wood skips which then go for recycling. This enables the construction company to significantly reduce their waste disposal costs and they are recycling more.

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