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Cardboard baler in operation


At industrial and commercial premises, where there is a large output of low density compactable waste, savings can be achieved by the use of Compactor Containers, enabling the waste material to be compressed into a fraction of its former volume.

Machines can be customised to suit individual site requirements for example utilising loading mechanisms for eurocarts. Sizes range from 14 to 35 cubic yards.

New and refurbished static or portable compactor machines are available on a rental or purchase basis, with full maintenance cover and servicing by our in house engineers. Compactors are simple to operate, with full training given, and can be adapted for each individual site requirements. All equipment fully complies with European Health and Safety standards.


The rollpack machine allows consolidation of waste in a 35 cubic yard open Rollon Rolloff container using a rotating spiked drum on an arm which rolls back and forth over the waste. This is particularly useful for sites producing very large amounts of softwood packaging waste eg: pallets and crates.


Balers are ideal for compacting large volumes of cardboard or polythene for recycling. In some instances revenue can be gained from the bales. A number of different balers and rotapack machines are available to suit individual applications. Available on a rental or purchase basis the baling equipment is simple to operate and can take whole boxes without the need to flatten them first. Rotapack machines can also be used for the compaction of light weight waste.

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