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Duty of Care legislation applies to all waste producers. In essence the law requires you to take responsibility for waste produced by you or your company. This means that even if a contractor has taken it away you are, ultimately, still responsible for what happens to it. For example if all the carpets in your offices were replaced and the carpet fitter took away the old carpets and instead of disposing of them responsibly fly tipped them then you are legally liable for this. Therefore it is vital that you use a registered waste carrier for the disposal of your waste and ensure that whomsoever you choose is treating your waste as it should be i.e disposing of it in licensed sites be it landfill or treatment plants.

As part of your legal requirement you must ensure that you have a Waste Transfer Note for every bit of waste taken from your site. This may be a ticket for every load or alternatively you may have an Annual Waste Transfer Note, which covers you for a year. This will apply if it is the same waste you are disposing of every day, week, month etc. If you have a permanent container delivered then F&R Cawley will ensure that you have an annual waste transfer note to cover you until 31st December of that year. In November you will receive a renewal Waste Transfer Note which you must complete and return before January 1st of the following year. These annual waste transfer notes and any individual waste transfer notes (tickets) must be retained by you for two years.

As a registered waste carrier F&R Cawley Ltd have a responsibility on our part to ensure that we deal with all the waste we collect and treat or dispose of in a proper manner. Anyone who transports and disposes of any waste except their own must hold a waste carrier’s license. On request we will supply copies of our waste carrier’s license and site licenses.

Your annual waste transfer note must show what waste you are disposing of, where it has come from and where it is going. The recent introduction of the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) means that waste descriptions must now be in the form of an EWC 6 figure code.
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