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The recent transposition of the European Landfill Directive into UK Law has lead to many changes in the way that some wastes can be disposed of. You can find out more in the individual sections on different wastes.

Ultimately it will require that all waste receives pre-treatment before landfill. It is yet to be fully confirmed exactly what will qualify as pre-treatment however it is likely that the sorting process such as we carry out at our MRF will meet the requirement.

At present the landfill directive has resulted in the separation of landfill sites into those for hazardous and those for non-hazardous waste. Only non-hazardous sites are able to accept liquid waste. During the transition period hazardous landfill sites are able to accept non hazardous waste but cannot accept liquid waste. This severely restricts the number of sites that can accept liquid waste as currently the majority are mixed sites. Ultimately liquid waste will be banned from landfill.

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