Materials Recycling Facility

Our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at our London Depot is unique to the area. It is a mixed MRF, which effectively means that waste does not need to be pre-sorted before going through the system. This is unlike some other MRFs solely for household and domestic waste, which can only deal with the pre-segregated recyclables from kerbside recycling schemes for example. The Frank Rubbish Removal MRF is designed to deal with all commercial and industrial waste streams. We aim to recover at least 15% – 18% of all the waste brought into our transfer stations. If you are a customer of Frank Rubbish Removal this means that you are probably already recycling because your waste will be going through the MRF. Of course we are always encouraging our customers to recycle as much as possible so if you want to do more just give us a call and if required we will carry out a free recycling site audit.

How Can We Help You?

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