How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost?

The answer to this question is really quite variable, and could be answered with the expression ‘how long is a piece of string?’ In other words, rubbish removal costs could be anything. However, we look at some of the key things that will influence the price and suggest some ballpark figures for you to work with. But remember that the only way to get a genuine price is to speak to a waste collection company and get an official quote, these numbers are just estimates.

What Influences The Cost?

The Amount Being Collected

The most obvious thing that affects the cost of rubbish clearance is obviously how much rubbish you need collecting. If it’s just one or two pieces or junk clearance that are easy to handle, then prices could be as low as £49.

But the more you’ve got and the more complicated it is for the rubbish disposal team to deal with, the higher the price goes. For example, you might get a cheaper quote for the disposal of a few rubbish bags worth of stuff, then for just one sofa. This is because the sofa is more awkward to handle and manoeuvre and will also need to be disposed of differently. Which brings us on to our next point.

The Waste Disposal Method

Some items of waste have to be disposed of in a certain way; builders waste, for example, cannot usually be taken to your local tip, so a rubbish removal service will need to take this to an appropriate facility. As a result, you may have to pay more money for builders waste clearance than you would for garden waste removal, for example.

The Collection Method

You may find that prices vary quite wildly between different collection methods. If you hire a skip, for example, an average price for a mid-sized skip is normally around £250 plus VAT and any permit costs.

But if you hire and man and van removal service the prices will be different. Some rubbish clearance services will charge you based on the cubic yards of waste being collected. This then allows them to judge what kind of van they need to bring. An example price for 2 cubic yards including 10 minutes of labour to load your rubbish is £96 including VAT.

The Items Being Collected

A number of home clearance services will offer prices per cubic yard but may have additional fees for certain items. This may include bulky or heavy items, hazardous materials, or garden waste removal. For example, many services will charge extra for items such as fridge freezers, mattresses or gas canisters. A typical price for a fridge is around £50, while a mattress could be as little as £15.

Weight will also be an issue so if you go above the weight you’ve been quoted for you could see extra charges as much as £30 per kilo.

The Amount of Labour

The labour required to shift your possessions is obviously going to have an impact, as normally this is the essence of what you pay for. And it’s also worth being aware that if you hire a skip, you rarely get labour included or available at all. So if you need someone to help with moving materials when you use a skip hire service, be aware of the extra cost.

Of course, labour is almost always included in a waste removal service, but you may only get a set time as standard. If you’re going to need additional help, this will mean extra pennies. A rough cost for labour is £60 per hour, though again this can vary massively depending on the service you choose.