New Fines For Households Who Use Fly-Tippers

Most people in the UK who use rubbish removal services don’t expect to be smacked with a fine from the government. But under new regulations, this is precisely what could happen if people in the UK don’t take measures to ensure that the company they hire isn’t going to indulge in fly-tipping in order to offload the rubbish.

Apparently, households must now take ‘reasonable measures’ to make sure that their waste isn’t illegally dumped, or face fines of up to £400. This makes it far easier for local councils to penalise families who are contributing to illegal waste dumping. At the moment councils have to take these matters to court, but under the new rules, they could be able to issue on the spot fines if they believe a household is guilty.

Part of the aim is to encourage households to take more responsibility for their rubbish removal, with the added bonus of cutting administration time and cost for local councils.

And according to research this change in policy couldn’t come at a better time. A survey from Frank Rubbish Removal found that over half of people they asked didn’t know how to check the credentials of a rubbish removal company. And many also had no idea that they could be liable if their rubbish is found to be dumped illegally.

To check your waste removal service is reputable there are a few key things to look out for. These include doing some internet research and checking reviews of any companies that you shortlist. There are also documents called rubbish transfer notes which detail the type of waste being removed, and how it will be disposed of. This should clearly document where different aspects of will be taken, and how much of it will be recycled versus how much will be thrown in the landfill. It should also say where, specifically, it will be taken.

They also recommend that households be wary of rubbish disposal prices that are far lower than anywhere else. This can sometimes be a sign that the service is operating illegally. This is due to the fact that legitimate disposal services are required to pay for the waste they take to recycling or waste disposal locations. Therefore there is always a minimum price for any service – it is worth finding out what this is, and making sure that the service you choose includes this cost in its service fee.

Other warning signs include vans that have no branding and services that demand to be paid in cash or seem to have unreasonable payment options. Such as full payment upfront.

Remember that all this is in aid of helping you find the right service to dispose of your waste safely and responsibly, and help you avoid the new fines.

It’s also worth remembering that helping to recycle more is a good thing for the planet, which is an important point for a lot of families. Frank Rubbish Removal found that 57% of people that they asked to believe that it’s vitally important for us to recycle more and reduce waste, and 32% said that they would pay more to make sure that their waste was definitely recycled instead of thrown in a landfill. And over 45% said that they feel actively guilty when they throw away something they know that they could throw away. Yet 42% said that they often don’t know how to recycle more.

So avoiding illegal dumping isn’t just good for your pocket, it’s also good for the planet.