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Hazardous Waste … Premises Notification Renewals

From July 16th 2005 the Special Waste Regulations was repealed and the UK adopted The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. All sites producing hazardous waste should have pre-registered with the Environment Agency on or before 16th July 2005.

Certain types of premises will be exempt from this requirement if they produce less than 200 kg of hazardous waste per annum. This includes offices, shops, agricultural premises, residential homes, universities, schools, hospitals, prisons and surgeries. 200kg equates to 10 small Televisions; 14 lead acid batteries; 500 fluorescent tubes or 5 small domestic fridges.

If you have not yet registered (you can still register but it will take at least 4 weeks from submission which means you will not be able to dispose of your hazardous waste during this period) we can register your premises for you. This can be done electronically for a cost of £30.00 or by post for £35.00. Please complete either the online form below or download it here and fax/post back. We will then invoice you on receipt and provide you with your unique premises code.

Call 01582 492694 if you need further information or advice.

New Extension A Separate Matter …

It’s all systems go for a large new extension to Frank Rubbish Removal’s Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) Waste Transfer Reception Hall, the area where unwanted materials are separated and sorted for recycling. The finishing touches are being put to the extension before Phase 1 is fully opened next month.
It has come in three phases. Phase 1 was the construction of a new building to extend the facility. Phase 2 is underway which will join the new building to an existing one on-site. When this is complete Phase 3 will see new equipment being installed to handle the increased work load.
The extension has doubled the size of the original reception area which is the hub of the Reception Hall, making it faster, more modern and more effective with greater amounts of waste being put through. The new MRF will be set up to handle office paper, glass recycling, commercial, construction and demolition waste and hazardous material, all under one roof.
“We’re delighted with the extension and can’t wait for it to be fully operational,” said Dave Watson, Operations Director. “It will enable us to automate some of our recycling lines and increase throughput, which will in turn improve our recycling rates.”

Plant Gives Food For Thought On Waste…

We never knew food could be so exciting! A new Biogas plant, developed by specialists Bedfordia Farms is now up and running and has taken its first delivery of waste food for processing, from Frank Rubbish Removal.
New legislation, brought in this year, has meant food processors and retailers have to dispose of their food waste through the correct channels and that’s one of the reasons why the Bedfordshire-based disposal plant was created.
Frank Rubbish Removal handles collection, handling and de-packaging of waste while Bedfordia Farms’ expertise means it can be processed into recycled fertiliser and methane to produce new electricity. The partnership between Bedfordia and Frank Rubbish Removal, two family-run businesses, has many benefits.
“Most types of food and green waste can be taken away and disposed of with this new system,” said Frank Morrison.

IKEA and Frank Rubbish Removal – Leaders In Recycling…

Two big names in differing areas of industry have been leading by example and encouraging Milton Keynes customers to follow them in finding new ways to recycle.

Furniture giant IKEA with help from waste recycling experts Frank Rubbish Removal has shown the way forward when it comes to re-using waste materials. IKEA, which opened a massive new store in Milton Keynes last Christmas, yesterday launched their Environment Week inviting the Environment Agency into the store to carry out a high-profile exercise to encourage more recycling from its army of customers.

Water saving devices were handed out free of charge and other advice and ideas for recycling were made available to hundreds of customers visiting the superstore. Customers were further encouraged to sign pledges to shower and not bath when possible, turn the tap off when cleaning their teeth and to increase the amount of recycling done in the home.

IKEA itself wastes nothing. Rain water is collected from the roof and is used to flush the toilets, packaging is collected and recycled – by Frank Rubbish Removal – and any spare waste that’s generated during the manufacture of furniture is also put back into use. Wood chippings from some furniture, for example, is made into chipboard for other pieces. And small scraps and shavings are, in turn, re-made into the tiny pencils for customers’ use around IKEA stores.

Bedfordshire-based Frank Rubbish Removal has the contract to collect IKEA waste and takes it back to its depot for recycling. The company has recently started expanding and improving its existing Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) at its Luton plant. There will be a much larger area to work in and more automated plant and equipment to improve efficiency.

As Frank Rubbish Removal sorts and recycles more waste from its customers, the MRF will become an especially important resource helping all of the company’s customers recycle even more and follow IKEA’s shining example.

Frank Rubbish Removal Tooled Up For New Contract…

Frank Rubbish Removal has agreed a new contract for wide-ranging waste disposal with CP Tools, known internationally as CP Desoutter. The firm is the pneumatic tool arm of the giant Swedish mining equipment manufacturer Altas Copco. CP (Chicago Pneumatic) industrial and automotive air tools are some of the best available on the market.
Hemel Hempstead-based CP Tools has ordered compactors, loaders, balers, and bins for oily rag, paper, cardboard and general waste. The company generates large amounts of waste that can be recycled and executives are delighted to be working with Frank Rubbish Removal in this area of the business. The arrangement will help CP Tools to maintain its BS 14001 compliance, which controls the environmental impacts of business activities, products and services.

Farm Waste – New Legislation …

Frank Rubbish Removal is expecting to put its experience at dealing with farm waste even further into practise following the release of a new set of agricultural regulations that will clamp down on farmers.
Owners will no longer be allowed to use their farm dumps to dispose of their waste under the new rules, which control agricultural waste and encourage recycling. Around 400,000 tonnes of waste is produced by the UK’s farms each year including old pesticide containers, silage wraps, tyres, batteries, oil, scrap metal and even asbestos roofing. Manure and slurry used as a fertiliser is not classed as waste.
Frank Rubbish Removal is set up to manage all this waste safely and simply and the company is ready to be called into action as demands for collection from farms mounts. Farmers have the option of calling in authorised waste collectors such as Frank Rubbish Removal, taking their waste to a licensed site or store the waste on-farm for up to 12 months.
However, latest Government estimates show that 83 per cent of farmers burn some waste in the open, 32 per cent bury it and 77 per cent put some in the household dustbin. With these practices being stopped, the need for professional waste collectors will increase.
“Farms generate a wide variety of waste, and we are happy to discuss with farmers their own particular cases to see how we can work with them to dispose of it,” said MD Jon Morrison.

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