Not Feeling it in The Bedroom? Blame the Mess Around You

We all hate having a mess around us, it can make us feel unorganised and stressed out. But did you know it could also be affecting your sex life? A recent survey has discovered that many couples find a messy boudoir to be one of the biggest issues when it comes to ‘igniting the mood’.

A survey by Frank Rubbish Removal found that just under half of the people they asked agreed that mess and rubbish in the bedroom ruined their passion together. They also found that many people would hire a rubbish disposal service or cleaner if they could afford it, to get rid of the mess if they could afford it.

But it’s not just spoiling the mood, it’s also causing arguments. The same survey asked people about the other effects of the mess, and two in three reported that mess caused a significant number of arguments. And both men and women stated that they believed their spouse or partner didn’t clean up as much as they’d like, even when asked.

In fact, after money, mess and rubbish in the home was the biggest cause of domestic disagreements. And these arguments happen at least once a week. It also seems to be the biggest issues for people over 55 years old.

People living in the Manchester, Plymouth and Bristol areas reported that the mess issue was the biggest issue. It was the least concern for people in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Newcastle, suggesting that where people live does have some impact on these issues.

Of course, the good thing about this particular issue is that there is a lot of that people can do to fix it. According to the research by Frank Rubbish Removal, clothes on the floor is one of the most common challenges, followed by unmade beds, and electrical wires by the bed.

To help fix the problem, simple solutions like picking up clothes and putting them away immediately is an easy option. Or having a dedicated place to put clothes that will be used regularly, just so that they are off the floor. Having a washing bin in the bedroom is also a good way to make sure that dirty clothes don’t make their way on to the floor.

And the problem of the unmade bed is an easy one to fix. Make a pact with your partner that you will each make the bed on a certain day of the week. Taking it in turns to make the bed splits the responsibility, and also makes sure each person feels proud of their bedroom.

The same principle can easily be applied to issues like electrical wires by the bedside. In fact, most couples report that the quality of their sex life goes up drastically if they actually ban electronics from the bedroom entirely. Of course, this won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a go if it might help bring back that va-va-voom.

Surveys have revealed that it is simple things like this that makes the biggest difference. Dealing with waste removal effectively might not sound like the sexiest thing a couple can do together, but when it leads to a cheeky night together in the bedroom it’s well worth doing. Plus even outside the bedroom, things will perk up if you’re not arguing as much and if it means you have more time to spend together, instead of always tidying up. So it seems that cleaning and rubbish removal is more than just another chore to do.