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From July 16th 2005 the Special Waste Regulations was repealed and the UK adopted The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. All sites producing hazardous waste should have pre-registered with the Environment Agency on or before 16th July 2005.

Certain types of premises will be exempt from this requirement if they produce less than 200 kg of hazardous waste per annum. This includes offices, shops, agricultural premises, residential homes, universities, schools, hospitals, prisons and surgeries. 200kg equates to 10 small Televisions; 14 lead acid batteries; 500 fluorescent tubes or 5 small domestic fridges.

If you have not yet registered (you can still register but it will take at least 4 weeks from submission which means you will not be able to dispose of your hazardous waste during this period) we can register your premises for you. This can be done electronically for a cost of £30.00 or by post for £35.00. Please complete either the online form below or download it here and fax/post back. We will then invoice you on receipt and provide you with your unique premises code.

Call 01582 492694 if you need further information or advice.

Details of premises to be notified

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Please complete the form below. Please note all fields must be completed.

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Data Protection Act 1998
The information will be processed by the Environment Agency to deal with your application, to monitor compliance with registration conditions and to process renewals.

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