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F&R Cawley offer a simple and adaptable approach to collecting office paper and many other recyclable office items. We can now recycle your plastic bottles, plastic cups, aluminium drink cans, newspapers & magazines, printer cartridges and more!

We offer a range of cardboard or plastic containers to suit each office environment, for collecting each type of recyclable material. These containers hold recycling bags and when you have 6 or more bags ready they are collected Free of Charge from a central ground floor collection point.

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Central Containment Boxes (chimneys) - located at strategic points throughout the office and next to the photocopier.

Desktop Container - to encourage reuse of paper as notepads and minimise trips to the central containment boxes.

Clear Plastic Recycling Bags - plastic bags are used inside the cardboard or plastic recycling containers. They are clear to enable quicker and easier sorting of the recyclable materials, and the bags in turn are recycled.

Plastic Recycling Containers - F&R Cawley offer a range of smart durable plastic containers for a complete office recycling system.

1100 litre drop-fronted Eurocarts - available for storing large quantities of bagged recycling materials.

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