How we Could Make Rubbish Collection More Eco-Friendly Did you know that in the UK the average amount of rubbish collected from one household each year is equivalent to one tonne in weight? That’s really quite a lot. And yet when asked, most people say that they wish they could waste less, but just don’t
Is Fly-Tipping as Bad as We Think? Ever driven through your local town and despaired at the amount of rubbish scattered at the side of the road or thrown into bushes or local parks? Then you know the horror of fly-tipping. And yet it continues to happen, even though we all know it’s a horrible
Not Feeling it in The Bedroom? Blame the Mess Around You We all hate having a mess around us, it can make us feel unorganised and stressed out. But did you know it could also be affecting your sex life? A recent survey has discovered that many couples find a messy boudoir to be one
New Fines For Households Who Use Fly-Tippers Most people in the UK who use rubbish removal services don’t expect to be smacked with a fine from the government. But under new regulations, this is precisely what could happen if people in the UK don’t take measures to ensure that the company they hire isn’t going
The Ultimate Garden Clearance Guide Whether you have just done a big refresh to your garden, or you just need to clear out some of the unwanted plants and weeds, doing a garden clearance can make a big difference to the look and feel of your outside space. It can literally give you more room
Office Clearance Guide Conducting an office clearance can feel like a military operation. Unlike doing a house clearance, there’s usually a lot more people involved, and a much stricter deadline to adhere to, so it can feel a whole lot more stressful than any other kind of rubbish removal project. As a result, it is
How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost? The answer to this question is really quite variable, and could be answered with the expression ‘how long is a piece of string?’ In other words, rubbish removal costs could be anything. However, we look at some of the key things that will influence the price and suggest some
House clearance guide
House Clearance Guide Do you sometimes look around your home and sigh at all the mess surrounding you? Or perhaps you are selling or buying a new home, and you need a magic wand to get rid of everything in the house so you can start again. Well, the magic wand might not be possible,
Guide to hiring a skip
Guide to Hiring a Skip If you need to do a quick junk clearance and don’t have time for regular trips to the tip, or you just want to be able to dump your rubbish in one place, then skip hire is the perfect solution for you. It’s a handy and simple way to deal