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It happens to all of us; sometimes we just accumulate too much rubbish. We collect, we hoard, then one day you step back and look at that mound of junk and you can’t believe your eyes. That’s when it’s time to do something about it. That’s when you need to book a professional junk collection service. If you want a rubbish collection team to come to your aid and you live in the Belmont area, Frank Rubbish Removal is the company for you. We appeal to many in HA3 because not only do we offer professional waste removal services, but we regularly put on special offers for those in Belmont too. If you’re in Belmont, 10% off any rubbish removal service should be a deal that tickles your fancy. Book now on 020 8396 6715!

Belmont Household & Green Waste Clearance Prices
Space in the vanCubic YardsTime LoadingPrice*
Min charge1.510 min£60
1⁄4 Van3.520 min£90
1⁄2 Van740 min£160
3⁄4 Van950 min£220
Full Van1260 min£280
*The price is based on the volume and weight of the collected Belmont rubbish.
Additional Charges for Belmont Rubbish Removal
Furniture TypeExplanationPrice*
Single MattressSpecial disposal method required*£10
Double MattressSpecial disposal method required*£20
TVSpecial disposal method required*£15
Single FridgeSpecial disposal method required*£20
Double FridgeSpecial disposal method required*£30
Commercial FridgeSpecial disposal method required*£100
Weekend ChargeDue to labour overtime £10
Belmont Builders Waste Removal Prices
WeightTime to Load Price*
max 90-160 kg10 min£65
max 160-300 kg20 min£80 -£100
max 300 – 500 kg30 min£110 – £130
max 500 – 700 kg40 min£160 -£180
max 700 – 900 kg50 min£200 -£220
max 900 – 1200 kg60 min£260 – £280
The price is based on volume + weight of the collected Belmont builders waste

Belmont Rubbish Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

Frank Rubbish Removal is a waste & rubbish removal company built to help Londoners dispose of their unwanted items or garbage. The company can handle both – large and small rubbish clearance jobs across Belmont at very affordable prices.

To contact our Belmont Team call: ‎020 8396 6715, visit our contact page or get Free No-Obligation Quote.

We accept cash on collection as well as most major credit & debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discovery & American Express.

We can remove most rubbish such as old furniture, garden waste, builders waste & white goods. We can also handle full garage, basement & loft clearances across Belmont. In other words – we accept most types of waste apart from a few little exceptions (asbestos, some chemicals…).

To find out what waste you can and can’t recycle in Belmont recycling centres, please visit this page.

Local Council:

If you bring your rubbish by car there is no charge, however a van full of rubbish will cost £250 per tonne with a minimum charge of £90.

To read the full info, please visit the original source.

The prices for bulky waste collection services in Belmont can be seen here.


More info regarding Belmont bin collection days can be found here.

To find out what happens to your Belmont waste after collection, please read this page.

A table with all fees and charges regarding Belmont parking permits can be seen here.

Harrow Recycling Centre

Address: 1 Forward Dr, Harrow, HA3 8NT

We Have A Team Of Experienced, Skilled, Trained HA3 Waste Removal Experts

If you want to attempt a big waste collection job, you need skill and experience. If a company wants to provide a range of rubbish removal services in HA3, they need the right workforce. We have just that at Frank Rubbish Removal. It’s why we’re able to cater to your needs, take care of any junk removal job in Belmont no matter how big or small or what it entails. Our team are true experts at their craft. It’s what sets us apart from the rest in HA3. It’s what makes us such a popular company, the go-to firm for locals. If you’ve got a job that needs doing in HA3 and you want it done correctly in a professional manner, we’re the rubbish removal company in Belmont you need to call upon.

Garden Waste Removal Doesn’T Have To Be An Issue

A lot of people in Belmont stress when they have waste such as garden waste. Many aren’t too sure how to get rid of such waste. You can’t just chuck it in along with your general trash, although it may be tempting to do so, that’s not the right way to go about things. In such a situation, your best bet would be to hire a professional junk collection company. We are that rubbish removal company. Working in and around the area of Belmont, if you’ve got green waste or an unsightly mess blighting the appearance of your garden, give our junk clearance team a call. We’ll handle the collection and disposal of your waste in an appropriate, professional manner. Our Belmont rubbish removal team are also adept at handling other more specialist tasks such as furniture disposal. Give us a call on 020 8396 6715 to get a free quote!



I’d hired a team for a house clearance project in Belmont HA3 before and it proved to be a real hassle. When I had a load of junk this time around, I was fearing the worst. But I was pleasantly surprised. One call to Frank Rubbish Removal was all it took. Everything that needed to be discussed was during that initial call. Then, on the day, I just left them to it and they ended up doing a superb job.

Tina L.

Call To Get A Guaranteed Same Day Rubbish Clearance Service

You’ve got a load of junk in your property in HA3. You don’t want to wait to get it cleared. You want to free up your space that same day, as soon as possible. At Frank Rubbish Removal, we appreciate this. We appreciate that it may not be in your interest to wait for junk collection. That’s why all of our rubbish clearance services in Belmont are tailored to your needs. We’re also flexible when it comes to waste collection. We aim to please. So, you can book us for a time that’s convenient for you. It may not be during the conventional daily working hours. That’s fine with us. We appreciate that that’s not when everyone’s available. If you need an evening or weekend service, we’ll accommodate your Belmont waste disposal needs. Same day rubbish clearance services in HA3 also prove to be a very popular choice.

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BelmontBelmont Area Guide

Belmont is a village in southwest London located within the London assembly of Croydon and Sutton. It lies approximately 10.8 miles away from Charing Cross and the centre of the city. Belmont is in close vicinity to the areas Carshalton, Cheam, Sutton and Banstead Downs which is accessible via the A217. The Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research both have campuses in Belmont. Situated on Brighton Road just north of the actual Belmont Village, is the iconic sight of The Chilterns art deco apartments. Belmont is an area that’s known for its greenery. It has many parks and open spaces. There’s Belmont Park and there are also a couple of nature reserves in the area; Cuddington Meadows and Belmont Pastures. There’s also Banstead Down which is a site of scientific importance and research. Belmont railway station is the area’s main transport link.

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